What can you expect from Money Coaching

10 Signs You May Benefit From Money Coaching

  • You have trouble sticking to a budget, saving for retirement, or paying down debt.
  • You have feelings of shame, guilt, or fear about your past or current money circumstances.
  • You avoid conversations about money with your family, spouse or partner.
  • You are in transition with your career, nearing retirement or starting a new business.
  • You are newly married, widowed or divorced
  • You suffer from anxiety, worry, addictive behavior, sleepless nights, or chronic pain.
  • You work with or you are a financial planner, advisor, and/or CPA and continue to struggle to improve your finances.
  • You have declared bankruptcy once or twice.
  • Your inner child has too much influence over your financial life.
  • You are afraid to look at your credit report and credit score.

Why Money Coaching for Personal Finance?

Money Coaching is a therapeutic approach to financial planning that can literally rewire your brain
for wealth.

The field of Money Coaching integrates the best of what is known about the “Mind and Money”from the fields of neuroscience, neuroeconomincs, behavioral finance and behavioral and cognitive psychology. The answers to helping you lies not in one of these fields, but in the integration of all these fields.

My ability to help you succeed relies on state-of-the-art tools, research and techniques. Through Money Coaching, you are assisted in assessing and addressing the money thoughts and behaviors that are impacting your financial, relational, social, emotional and spiritual well-being.

On a global basis, though we have one of the highest earnings per capita, the average American spends more money than he or she makes. It is time for a radical change in our society, and I believe there is an urgent need for Money Coaching to help shift habits and become more intentional about financial well-being. People who don’t need my services are easy to recognize — They are the ones who listen to financial planners and when they decide to take their advice, they follow it effortlessly. However, research says that only 20% of people will respond this way. You do not have to go it alone. I offer a therapeutic approach to financial planning through my work of Money Coaching.

What can you expect from Money Coaching?

  • Uncover your “money types” and “money scripts” to understand the impact they have on your life, your relationships and your finances.
  • Discover how your “money type” and “money scripts” were formed and how you can “rewire” your brain for wealth.
  • Learn new tools to decrease anxiety around money and unblock the flow of money into you life.
  • Gain knowledge and tools to improve your relationship with your spouse, your children and your work.
  • Create Financial Freedom Action Plan to organize your life & finances and achieve your goals.
  • Increase your self-confidence and self worth by understanding how managing your money empowers you.
  • Achieve peace of mind through creating a balanced life – personally and financially.
Mastering your money through personal finance