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Free yourself from Money Shame, take control of your finances, and connect with fellow Money Detoxers like you. This is a 100% certified Money Shame Free Zone™.

The Money Circle is a certified 100% Money Shame Free Zone™. Welcome to your new financial home.

25% of all proceeds are donated to suicide prevention in my brother’s memory.

The Money Circle is an exciting new online community I created to connect my clients, followers, and fellow Money Detoxers. It’s a place where you can free yourself from Money Shame, begin my signature 7-Element Money Detox Journey, and connect with your fellow Money Detoxers in a supportive community environment.

Upon joining you will receive instant access to The Money Circle slack channel, exclusive insiders content, and a personal onboarding phone call with me designed to ensure you will recoup your Money Circle investment with the strategies you learn.

Money Circle membership comes with many benefits. Ask questions and receive answers directly from me and fellow community members, attend monthly webinars and watch past recordings, receive discounts on my 1-on-1 coaching programs, get periodic members-only special offers, and ultimately secure your path to enduring financial freedom.

The Money Circle is a 100% certified Money Shame Free Zone™, which is 100% anonymous (if you want it to be) and completely free of judgment or shame. Welcome to your new home.

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Meet Meeko

“I had so much shame and embarrassment about money. The Money Circle provided me a feeling of safety.”

As a long standing member of The Money Circle, for over two years, I always planned ahead to make sure I would not miss a Saturday morning. There were times I wanted to sleep in, or I wanted to “blow it off”, but the value that I got from it made it worth the sacrifices.I always knew that I had “issues” with money, but I simply wasn’t willing to take a look at those issues and confront them head on. I had so much shame and embarrassment about money, and the way I handled and dishonored it. This space provided me a feeling of safety. I could share with other members, and not feel judged or embarrassed.

Initially it was so hard for me to be vulnerable with strangers. One of my issues with money is overspending and using credit cards. Within The Money Circle I was given tools to help with this. I learned to stay in integrity with money. I slowly stopped using my credit cards, and if I couldn’t afford it I wouldn’t put it on a credit card, I simply wouldn’t buy it. I was taught that “it’s not about the money.” It’s my feelings and behavior toward the money. I also learned there needed to be some type of spiritual connection with a “higher power.”

I think my money problems may have begun the day I was born, because for a very long time money was tied to my worth. My self-esteem was low. My mother passed away when I was five, and I was raised by an aunt that did not show me love or affection. I learned to “not be seen.” Every day has to be conscious and “intentional” about money, and it absolutely has to be a daily practice. This is what The Money Circle gave me, and what I believe it can also give you.

Meeko was a member of Tammy’s in-person Money Circle that met every Saturday morning in Orlando, FL. She is now a member of The Money Circle online where I continue to build this community and teach the principles of Money Detox.


Happy Clients

Tammy Lally is a Certified Money Coach (CMC), TED speaker, and recognized thought leader in the world of finance. She is proud to have served 1000+ happy clients and counting. Her TED Talk has nearly 2 million views on

The Money Circle - Overview

The Money Circle is an online membership-based community I created to connect like-minded “Money Detoxers.” You are a Money Detoxer if you care about your financial situation, if you want to maintain control over your money, and if you seek financial education that will allow you to make smart financial decisions that serve YOU in the long-term.

Monthly Webinars by Tammy Lally

Each monthly webinar is based around one of the 7 Elements of Money Detox:

  1. Own your money story
  2. Recognize your spiritual crisis
  3. Uncover your shame
  4. Identify your money beliefs
  5. Discover your worth
  6. Make forgiveness a daily practice
  7. Live from a circle of money blessings

Get Your Money Questions Answered 24/7/365

Have money questions? As a member of The Money Circle, you can get the answers you need 24/7/365.

Many questions are answered by Tammy herself. More experienced members may also chime into the discussion from time to time.

Should I buy this car? How much house can I afford? What are the first expenses I should reduce (or cut altogether) from my current budget? How do I start budgeting?

These are just a few examples of questions you can get answered in The Money Circle. We encourage public questions so other members can learn from each other, but you can also ask questions privately when discretion is preferred.

Community Membership & Empowerment

The Money Circle is not simply an online membership community. It’s a belief system and way of living that transcends the material world (as it should!).

For that matter, not only will you become a part of a motivating, supportive, and safe space online where you can discuss sensitive financial matters with complete privacy – but you will also receive a template for continuing these discussions in your own home.

Whether you keep these discussions within your immediate family or invite friends and neighbors to join, The Money Circle template provides all of the information you need to lead your own focus group “offline” in the real world. This allows you to spread the positive impact of Money Detox within your community and lift up as many people as possible who can benefit from the Money Detox journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will my membership be anonymous?

A. Yes, your membership can be anonymous if you prefer. It all depends on how you setup your profile. That being said, even with an anonymous membership, anything you post in the public forum(s) will be public. With an anonymous profile, the content of your posts will be seen by other members, but they will not know who you are unless you provide that information yourself. Please feel free to contact me directly with any related questions you have regarding privacy.

Q. How can I stop overspending each month once and for all? 

A. Overspending is symptom of a emotional issue rather than a money issue. If you want to stop overspending, you have to become willing to feel. Overspending tells me that you are avoiding feeling. Ask yourself the question, “ what I am feeling “ , the next time you want to spend. The top three answers: sadness, loneliness and anger. You are spending a fortune avoiding a human condition, you are hardwired to feel. So feel, it will not kill you. It will free you. The only thing that is preventing you from financial freedom is emotional balance. Learn how to mediate and learn the power of pausing before buying. I have a 72 hour pause rule before I buy anything that I don’t need. A need is something you can’t live without, food or water as an example. A want is something you can live without. Knowing the difference and why you buy is key to how you break free from overspending. Try it..You got this!

Q. What’s the difference between good and bad debt? 

A. Let’s keep this simple. “Good” debt is an investment of money that grow’s in value or generates long term income. Two good examples are home mortgages and student loans. However, as a money coach, I often see destructive money beliefs highjack “good” debt.

• With mortgages, you’re borrowing to own a potentially appreciating asset, and it may be tax-deductible. (As always, be sure to check with your tax advisor.) However, good debt turns bad if you buy a home with less than a 20% down payment and no savings account to cover unexpected maintenance , and trust me, you will have unexpected maintenance. You can be underwater fast if we have a real estate market shift. Remember the housing crisis of 2006–2008. Unexamined History will repeat itself.

• With student loans, benefits include enhanced career opportunities, which will increase your earning potential in the long run. However, Good debt turns bad if you decided to take a semester off and use your student loan money to buy a new car or take your friends on a shopping spree. Yes, this happens!

“Bad” debt works against you from the onset, such as credit cards and long term auto loans.

• Credit Cards high interest rates will cost you big over time. If you use them, you must pay them off every month so you aren’t accruing interest and creating an emotional and spiritual death tramp. Debt will hold you hostage for years at a job you hate or keep you in an unhealthy relationship. Bottom line, if possible, don’t use credit cards, cash is king.

• And lastly, Buying a new car- you’re borrowing on something that immediately loses value as soon as you drive it off the lot. It’s the worst! A slightly used car, 2-3 years old, is usually more cost effective. And if you have to finance a used car, 3 year car loans are the maximum. If you can’t afford the payment at 3 years than you can’t afford the car.

Remember, your decisions are based on your money beliefs, pick up a copy of my book before you buy a home, car or take out a loan, Money Detox by Tammy Lally – Official Book Page – The Money Coach. It could change everything.

Q. How can I make a positive change to my money mindset? 

A. You have a money story that shaped the way you react and respond to all financial matters. The first step is to own your money story. All too often as a money coach, I hear money stories loaded with shame, guilt ,trauma and addiction. The impact of these experiences on your brain as a child make managing money as an adult all the more difficult. Changing your money mindset begins when you ask for help to examine your money beliefs. The rest will unfold. The key is the ask for help. You can not fix money problems with money, it’s an inside job.

Q. Is leasing a car a good financial decision? 

A. I believe car leasing is a trap and undermines your financial freedom. The only one winning at this game is the car industry. It sounds great…low payment, new, maintenance included, trade in every 2–3 years for the next best thing. The trap is you do not get out of debt which can results in less long term savings from retirement. Bottom line: buy a used car , 2–3 years old, finance it for 3 years or less, drive it until it’s unsafe to be on the road And put the savings in a retirement account.

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-Tammy Lally

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