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Meet Tammy Lally

Learn about Tammy’s background and her own journey through money shame.

“Any situation that teaches us greater humility, sobriety, wisdom about self and others, responsibility, forgiveness, depth of reflection, and better decision making, and what’s truly important is not an ultimate failure.”

Marianne Williamson

Why I do this work

My brother Keith, experienced toxic money shame and unworthiness everyday of his life and attempted to escape the pain through many addictive behaviors. He become mired in debt, faced foreclosure several times,eventually, seeing no way through it.

Keith committed suicide at the age of 40 leaving behind his wife and 2 children. His life & death, brought me to my own breakdown and breakthrough around my money beliefs/patterns & addictive behaviors. It also demanded that I find a real solution to help all who are suffering with money issues.

Everyday I get a chance to help make a difference in someone’s life through my work as a money coach. I honor and celebrate Keith for what his life and death have taught me so I can help others find hope and financial freedom.

How my process works

Tammy Lally comes to the field of Money Coaching with over 17 years of experience in the financial industry and 27 years of study and practice with new thought leaders Marianne Williamson, Byron Katie and Brené Brown. She brings a distinctive blend of financial industry experience, psychological depth and spiritual consciousness to her work, offering a professional and compassionate approach that is truly powerful in her Money Coaching practice. Her combined professional and personal experience and a passionate commitment to assist others on their path are keys to helping her clients achieve their wanted results.

Tammy Lally is a very experienced Certified Money Coach and Financial Planner. Her coaching process helps everyone, from individuals and couples, to entrepreneurs and business owners, to executives and professionals, to coaches and therapist. Each learn how to recognize fears and barriers, focus on new strategies and tools, then take clear action to bring more money, meaning and happiness into their lives, careers and businesses.

Tammy's Money Story

At the age of 8, Tammy Lally internalized the message that she was not worthy of love unless she earned enough money. She spent the next 3 decades looking for love in all the wrong places: work, relationships, Nordstrom, travel and chocolate (to name just a few). Money became her higher power and the absolute last issue she was willing to face. She had it all, after all! Unknowingly, her big-shot lifestyle was right where she hid all her insecurities.

Just like anything else built on fear, her finances came to a crash in 2007 and her beloved brother Keith committed suicide. “I lost ‘everything’ because of my inability to see clearly and take action.” Tammy Lally.

It eventually took her working with a Money Coach and a Spiritual Coach to help her change her beliefs about money and what was most important, along with a loving community to help her heal from my core childhood money wounds.

“Today, I am so grateful to be doing this same work with so many others in need of a new financial direction. After 17 years in the financial industry, I saw that ‘traditional’ financial planning by itself wasn’t enough to help all who were looking for a path to financial health. Coping with money issues continues to be a major life struggle for millions of people and yet, little qualified help is available.

I have committed to provide this qualified help by providing a process that will allow anyone to achieve financial freedom and rewire their brain for more wealth. Ultimately, my goal is to help people live the life of their dreams — no matter where they are starting.

What is a Certified Money Coach?

Money Coaching is a professional coaching program that combines psychological and spiritual principles with practical financial guidance to help clients identify and change their core money beliefs and patterns. I received my coach training and certification from The Money Coaching Institute, a coach training organization located in Northern California. The Money Coaching Institute specializes in training coaches, therapists, and financial advisers to integrate Money Coaching into their independently owned private practices.

As a Certified Money Coach, I have a unique set of tools and techniques to help you understand and change how you think, feel, and react to money and financial circumstances. Money Coaching provides a step-by-step process that guides you to a deeper understanding of your unconscious attitudes, beliefs, and patterns that can prevent you from experiencing your full potential, both personally and financially.


Special thanks and acknowledgements to Deborah Price, author and founder of the Money Coaching Institute. Her books on  The Heart of Money & Money Magic, have truly transformed my life and are a source of constant inspiration.

I also wish to acknowledge Brad and Ted Klotz, authors and founders of the Financial Psychology Institute, whose books Mind over Money & Wired for Wealth are a constant source of guidance for both me and my clients.

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