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When you take this quiz, be honest with your answers but stay kind with your feelings towards yourself during and after. Some of these questions may be hard and might even generate some feelings of guilt, sadness, or shame. This is OK! Take a step back, inhale a deep breath, and congratulate yourself for taking the first step on your very own Money Detox journey. I’ll be with you every step of the way. -Tammy Lally

Do you judge yourself for not sticking to a budget, overspending on food or not saving for retirement?(Required)
Do you avoid tracking your transactions?(Required)
Do you feel shame or embarrassment about having money?(Required)
Do you think more money will make you happier?(Required)
Do you live paycheck to paycheck?(Required)
Do you feel overwhelmed and paralyzed by good financial things that happen to you, such as an inheritance?(Required)
Do you feel stupid, crazy, or defeated by how you’re managing money?(Required)
Do you judge yourself and others harshly for their financial mistakes?(Required)
Do you numb your pain with shopping, food, alcohol, drugs, gaming, or gambling?(Required)
Do you consistently save a meaningful part of your income?(Required)
Do you automatically contribute a portion of your income to an investment account, retirement or otherwise?(Required)
Are you giving money to others to "fix" their problems?(Required)
Do you feel at peace with money?(Required)
Do you have healthy conversations about money with your partner and/or children?(Required)
Do you live beneath your means?(Required)
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