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Have you ever imagined what it would be like to never worry about money again?


Tammy specializes in improving your financial health by deep diving into the financial, mental, and emotional aspects of how money affects your life.


Tammy frequently works with couples of all backgrounds. She will elevate your financial health and make sure you are both 100% clear and confident in your future together.


Tammy frequently works with small business owners and select corporate clients. She will provide expert insight regarding your operations and financial planning.

Workshops & Speaking

Tammy often facilitates workshops for groups, and has extensive experience as a speaker including her featured work on TEDx. Some of her past clients include Universal Studios, The Golf Channel, Rollins College, The University of Central Florida, and Unity Church. Book her today!

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10 signs you may benefit from money coaching:

  • You have trouble sticking to a budget, saving for retirement, or paying down debt.
  • You have feelings of shame, guilt, or fear about your past or current money circumstances.
  • You avoid conversations about money with your family, spouse or partner.
  • You are in transition with your career, nearing retirement or starting a new business.
  • You are newly married, widowed or divorced
  • You suffer from anxiety, worry, addictive behavior, sleepless nights, or chronic pain.
  • You work with or you are a financial planner, advisor, and/or CPA and continue to struggle to improve your finances.
  • You have declared bankruptcy once or twice.
  • Your inner child has too much influence over your financial life.
  • You are afraid to look at your credit report and credit score.

Your Money Detox Journey

Learn more about Tammy’s seven elements of healing below.

Step 1: Own Your Money Story

In my coaching practice, I start by asking if clients are willing to set aside their preexisting thoughts, ideas, and emotional baggage about money. Likewise, I ask you now if you are willing to put your money thoughts and beliefs on a shelf, or in a closet, or in a box, and leave them there as you come with me on this journey. I want you to start anew, with a clean slate, to allow yourself to be open to the concepts and thoughts and perspectives I am going to share with you.

Step 2: Recognize Your Spiritual Crisis

The second element in the money detox process is all about spirituality. Let’s get clear right up front: if you want to change your money mindset, you need to be willing to embrace the spiritual dimension of this work. Healing starts with spirituality. I see God’s hand in my life and in anyone else’s. I believe your relationship with a higher power is part and parcel of any meaningful solution you will find in your life.

Now, when I speak about “God,” is just my term. You don’t have to use the same word or even have the same concept I have. What matters is having the recognition of some form of higher power that is greater than your limited self, one you can turn to.

Step 3: Uncover Your Shame

In my experience, the first thing that jumps out when people with money problems start to tell their money story is usually shame. In fact, shame is what keeps us from telling our stories in the first place. As we begin to own our story, it is only natural that shame would show up.

Therefore, the third element in the money detox process focuses on uncovering shame in a manner that can defuse and resolve it. As we will discuss, this includes distinguishing between toxic shame and healthy shame.

Step 4: Identify Your Money Beliefs

The only way to get a handle on toxic money shame is to grab it by the roots and pull it up. For that, you have to know what the roots are, and where in you they are growing. It also helps to know their origins in specific moments of your life. In this step, I will guide you to identify the money beliefs that are at the root of your shame, and that keep the circle of money pain in motion.

Step 5: Discover Your Worth

Curiosity and grit can carry you far. But these qualities have to be based on a set of sound values and on an understanding for your true self-worth. Otherwise, your curiosity will be limited to wondering about the winning lottery number or the price of your neighbor’s new car. Your grit will be no more than a grin-and-bear-it stance, as you pray no one finds out about your latest financial screw up.

Often it takes a crisis or hitting rock bottom to realize what really matters to us. Preferably, though, no one has to die and you don’t have to suffer even more before you are able to identify your true worth. This element of the money detox asks you to examine your values. As when you were examining your inherited beliefs, don’t make judgments about yourself or your values. Follow your curiosity and let it reveal what is important to you. If you don’t like what you discover, there will be time later to work at revising your value structure.

Step 6: Make Forgiveness a Daily Practice

You can’t get to the full experience of forgiveness by yourself. You need other people to help you examine your thinking, especially during the early stages. There is too much to sort through and fix on your own.

My feelings of shame and unworthiness kept me from getting any form of support for years. Instead, I used money to armor up and look like I had it all together. I could pay for a therapist. I had enough money to go to an expensive treatment center. But I was kidding myself: all those people were hired staff, and recruiting them to help me was merely my way of introducing another level of control, another way to avoid actual intimacy. Besides, often when you pay people, they just tell you what you want to hear.

As a coach, I make a point of doing the opposite. When people come to me, I say, “I’m going to tell you the truth—with love, compassion, no blame, no judgment. Blame and judgment kill the soul, and you are here to rise up. You may not be paying me for the whole truth, but it is essential for your growth to hear from a trusted friend what you can’t see that blocks you from your blessings.”

The truth gets blocked when we are in protection and armored with shame. Self-love and self-compassion, over time, will allow you to put down the armor and thrive.

Step 7: Live From a Circle of Money Blessings

The outcome of the money detox does not mean going from spending excesses to constrained frugality. It’s not about extremes. When you are living from a circle of blessings, you have the freedom to actually strive for and enjoy a state of prosperity that rejects your highest aspirations. It’s like the difference between merely being declared disease free and experiencing an exhilarating sense of well-being.

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