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How To Live Your Day Dream: A 3 Part Series hosted by Tammy Lally

Close your eyes and breathe. Well, read the rest of this paragraph first, and then do that. What do you dream of doing with your life? If you could have a dream job and get paid for it, what would it be? No matter how outrageous it is, be honest with yourself. What is your day dream?
When Tammy asked herself that question, she realized she wanted to help change people’s lives by giving them financial freedom. After a tough start in life, she took the necessary steps to change her money beliefs with the intention of living her daydream, and now she wants to help you live yours!

How to Live Your Day Dream is a 3 Part Series that Tammy recently presented to young Entrepreneurs at University of Central Florida, in an effort to encourage them that they can do ANYTHING they want to do, they just have to dream it. For the next few weeks, I will blog/summarize her inspirational words on how to shape your future, mentally and financially, however, it should be noted that hearing Tammy present this in person is a life changing experience. If you, someone you know, or a group, would like to have Tammy Lally, the Money Coach, speak and enlighten, please contact her!


Part 2: Hold the Vision

FACT: We all get discouraged.

To recap from Part 1, at this part of finding your true calling, you should be finding some moments of clarity on the cloudy journey you’re on using whatever resources you consider valuable. Take any feelings of discouragement and turn them into opportunities.

There was once a girl who grew up in Florida and dreamed of being an attorney. She was unsuccessful at getting into law schools and instead took a job with an office supply company, where she sold fax machines door-to-door. As any woman in the South can understand, she found she hated wearing pantyhose during her sales trips but liked the way that the control-top model eliminated panty lines and made her body appear firmer.

I know what you’re thinking… that took a weird turn, but it is a true story. The girl is Sara Blakely and she designed Spanx after being discouraged from her dream career. She now is the 93rd most powerful woman in the world according to Forbes.

The point is – you might fall, crash, break, cry, crawl, hurt, and surrender, but hold onto your vision, because you will rise again.

Tammy reflects on how all of the negative money beliefs instilled on her and the money trouble she experienced, led her to discovering her daydream of becoming a money coach.

Some great things to focus on if you’re having trouble with being discouraged:


Stay tuned for Step 3: Make Room for the New

In the meantime, reach out to Tammy Lally, the Money Coach, to guide you on your path of self-discovery. She can’t wait to hear from you!

Tammy Lally

I BELIEVE MONEY IS NOT YOUR WORTH. Tammy Lally is an author, speaker, and Certified Money Coach (CMC). She helps others master their finances by first conquering their emotions around money, then by creating a comprehensive financial plan. She brings decades of experience and endless love to her bulletproof process for money mastery. She is the author of the book Money Detox, and her TED talk on Money Shame has over 2 million views.


  • scryde.ru says:

    Recently I shared the idea with a Mastermind group. It was the first time I told anyone besides my husband about it. I ve gotten great feedback, except for one comment that has stuck with me. Do you ever get frustrated because your business isn t to the next level already? I know I do.

  • jav789.com says:

    This quote popped up on my FB feed and really resonated with me. There is so much in life to be terrified by, but we can’t let our fears dictate our every move, and hold us back from taking risks.

  • Some people come and some go. In the end those who love you and care for you will always be there.

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