Tips from the Money Coach

Tammy Lally, the Money Coach on how to create a safe Financial Relationship.

1. Truthful 

Speak your truth: a commitment to being honest with yourself and your partner about your thoughts, feelings, aspirations and behaviors concerning money.

2. Joint Money Plan

Agree to a joint money plan: work towards a resolution of money conflicts & issue and make a plan to budget and manage your money.

3. Agreement

Follow the agreements: an agreement is only as good as your commitment to follow it. If you can’t see eye-to-eye, ask a money coach to help.

4. Emergency Plans

Establish an emergency response plan and budget: You have a greater chance of success if you agree ahead of time to let the other know if you can’t keep the agreements.

5. Change Tools

Change tools: this might be to work with a budget template, money coach, attend a workshop, or participate in a recovery program such as gamblers anonymous, debtors anonymous, or

Tammy Lally, the Money Coach. To a better Budget and your Financial Freedom.


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